I’ve decided that in lieu of NaNoWriMo, I’m going to code 5,000 lines in one month. I’ll use NaNo’s word counter and everything it will just be a multiple of ten.

December will be National Debugging month then.

I’m so pumped.

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Sometimes I consider releasing one of my more controversial opinions just so I can get SOME sort of message in my ask box OTL

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I wanna talk about anime or Rooster Teeth or something. Someone talk to me so I don’t have to write this essay. So many anime are shit this season though…..

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When you try to go back to real TV.

When you try to go back to real TV.

Just bought my ticket to the RWBY marathon and Q + A!! I really hope I’ll have time to make my Yang cosplay before then though. (I won’t.)

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I hated Dr. Oobleck but I actually love him now he’s so perfect now
Also for some reason I never noticed he was played by Joel.

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